Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson -- the well known "Queen of Food Porn."  She is called as such because of the way she presents her food show in a flirtatious manner.  Although she is not a chef nor a trained cook, she is well respected in the culinary industry.  She has a very lucrative career in being a food critic and a book writer and has been awarded the British Author of the Year Award for his book, How to be a Domestic Godess.

She came from a very prominent family.  Her father was a former conservative MP and the Chancellor of Exchequer during the time of PM Margaret Thatcher and her mother was a socialite beauty whose family owns the J. Lyons and Co ( chains of restaurants and catering services etc). 

She had been a wild child following the divorce of her parents.  She never had a happy childhood although money was so easy for her.  She has proven though that despite of dark moments in one's life, one could  always bounce back.    She has created her niche in the culinary world and became one of the most sought after food critic and food show host.  She had her series of Nigella cooking show. 

Although she never had a formal training in cooking, you would really see the passion she has for food -- eating and cooking.   I have learned a lot from this great lady especially when it comes to chocolates. I would always watch her in her show "Nigella's Christmas Kitchen" which was aired in Australia just before Christmas.  I loved the way she would present her show, a way much different from ordinary food shows. I would surely try her churos with chocolate dips.

She has her own food website www.nigella.com
(source: wikipedia, nigella.com, nigella fresh, abc channel in Australia)

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