Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cristeta Comerford

Do you know that the first woman and first Asian ever appointed as the chief executive chef  at the US White House is a Filipina?  Her name is Cristeta Comerford and she has been in the White House since 2005.  This means that she has also served  both President Clinton administration and President Bush  administration and now the Obama administration.   

Her maiden name is Pasia, a native of Sampaloc, Manila and a graduate of Manila Science High School (which means that this lady is really a smart one).  He enrolled in Food Tech in UP (University of the Philippines) but she was not able to graduate since she has to move to the US.

Her not finishing her degree did not stop her from achieving her dreams of becoming a chef though.  She  worked with great chefs at famous restaurants and hotels.  This was the time when  Walter Scheib III, the then White House Executive Chef, recruited her to work with him during the Clinton Administration.

Apparently, she was appointed by  First Lady Laura Bush to become the first woman executive chef of the White House after Scheib resigned in 2005 due to her great handling of a large dinner made in honor of the Indian Prime Minister.  When the Obama took his office as the President of the US, Michelle Obama also made her hold her current position.

For further info about her please read her interview at Makati Shangrila.

Credits:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/08/20050814-1.html; The Washington Post August, 2005; 
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