Friday, May 4, 2012

Baked Oysters

Oysters are my favorite shellfish in the world.  Once I started eating them, I just can't seem to stop.  I remember my parents would always warn me about tummy aches whenever I eat  them..haha!  One thing I have learned from my father in cooking oysters is you don't really boil them with water.  Clean the oysters, place them in a bucket and then pour boiling water on them.  Remove the water and open the oysters with knife.  Dunk them literally in vinegar with coarsed milled peppercorns and dice onions.  Eat with rice oohhhhh soooo yummmmyyy!

You can also be a little "soysal" or elegant in eating oysters by baking them like the recipe below.  I have tried this before and gee soooo yummmy!  I am so glad to find one photo of this dish at  the FB album of Jen Cabacungan - Garcia.

garlic, minced
grated cheese

Open oysters and remove the top part of the shells.
Place the oysters in baking pan.
Put butter, grated cheese and garlic on top of each oyster.
Bake in a 175C preheated oven just until the cheese and butter melt.

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