Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maria's Mixed Salad w/ Peaches and Crab Meat

I have always loved having salad on my plate especially if the dressing is really tasty.  I don't like too much sour or bitter taste on my salad.  I find it better to use the ready made french salad and add a bit of herbs to it to make sure that it doesn't have that overpowering taste left to your mouth.

I was supposed to add corn kernels and oranges to this salad but the hubby forgot that we're having salad tonight hehe.  So I have to use the tin peaches which actually did justice to the salad.  I love lots of crab meat so I have added more to it and believe me the taste is quite great.

200 g ice lettuce, chopped to the size you like
1 medium carrots, grated
1 medium onions, red or white, chopped thinly,
1 cucumber, sliced
3 medium hardboiled eggs, quartered
1/2 c chopped crab meat or sticks
1/3 c cheese, diced or sliced
1/2 c salted peanuts, w/o skins
1/2 c chopped peaches, tin or fresh
1 serving of Downey's French Dressing with a twist

Put the veggies and fruits on a big salad bowl.
Add in the rest of the ingredients.
Tost the salad.  Make sure that the dressing is well distributed.

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