Friday, May 25, 2012

Rainbow Jelly

Remember the Goldilocks' cathedral gelatin?  I would always order that each time I go to SM North EDSA.  I love the mixture of jello tastes and the creamy gelatin in this desert.  I remember Mei, a former colleague of mine at Miriam College bringing this wonderful desert when she was our assistant principal then.  I would always sneak up to get a small slice of her gelatin at the pantry room hehheheh... I loved it so much!  How I wish she would make one again next time I see her.

Anyway, I did an experimentation again with some jello,gelatin flavours that I've bought last week at IGA.  I am not so sure how to make the Cathedral Windows Jelly so I just trusted my instinct.  Since the boxes of jelly have instructions, it was so easy for me to prepare them.  Next the hard part, the creamy white gelatin that would bind those cute jelly crystals together.  You see, I am not a gelatin person.  I don't cook them.  It was always my sister or sis in law who would always make the gelatins that we have at home in Hagonoy.  They can make the buco pandan even with their eyes closed.  Not me ohhh dearie!  Perhaps I am a bit afraid that the gelatin would not get molded or something?  Oh well, this time I have no excuse, so I had to remember how exactly they made gelatin using gelatin powder with a little deviation from the original though.  I know that the ones sold at Goldilocks have cream on it since you can really taste it at first bite so I added a cup of heavy cream.

The result was actually creamy, tasty and yummy.  A great success for an experiment.

different flavor of jelly boxes 
4 tbsp powdered unflavoured gelatin
1 tin of evaporated milk
1 tin of condensed milk
1 c boiling water
1 c cream

Prepare the jellies according to package instructions and then slice them into chunks.
Heat up the  milk, water, cream and stir in the gelatin powder. Remove from fire just before it starts to bubble.
Put the jelly chunks onto the gelatin mold. Pour in the creamy gelatin when it's tepid. 

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