Thursday, May 17, 2012

Insistent Requests

One of my bestsellers, is the chocolate crinklers --- for both Aussies and Filipinos.  I am baking some right now for our wonderful friend, Jenny who lives at the next town.  Hopefully, the crinklers are enough for all the Filipinas and their Aussie husbands tomorrow when we go to the show at Charleville.  Having Filipina friends makes my homesickness bearable.  You see, I haven't been to the Philippines since January of 2011.  It seems like forever! 

Anyways, I have also baked some chocolate revel bars -- a favorite of my husband which we can also share with them.  My husband specifically requested for the chocolate revel bars.  He's on the field right now and he brought some to eat with his coffee or tea.  Since it has oats, hopefully his tummy would be full until he comes home this afternoon.

This is the beauty of baking and cooking.  You do not only satisfy your curiousity, your tummy and your cooking/baking skill ego but you also make your friends and family happy with your food.  That's the best thing actually.  If you see your love ones happy and enjoying eating the food that you cooked/baked, that's the best payment that you could ever received.

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