Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ginataang Bilo-bilo

I have always loved ginataan especially with lots of bilo-bilo on it.  Bilo-bilo are riceballs made from glutinous rice flour and shaped into small balls.  It's so easy to know if they are cooked.  When they start to float on the pot, that means they're ready.  Ginataan is a favorite snack of the Filipinos.  Most of the karinderias (small food stalls) serve it.  It is best to eat ginataan when it's warm and the weather is cool.  The sweetness and the yummy flavor of the coconut cream or milk add more yumminess to it.
My taste tester (my husband) loved it  and had second helpings.  He said, it's different.  Gee it's his first time to have it.

4 saba (plantain or lady fingers), sliced
1 1/2 c glutinous rice flour + 1 c water
1 big sweet potato, cubed
1 big taro (gabi), cubed
1 c jackfruit, sliced
1 c sago or tapioca pearls ( I used McKenzies small tapioca pearls)
2 tin coconut cream
1 c white sugar

Prepare the bilo-bilo.  Mix the rice flour with water and form bilo bilo.  Set aside.
Boil sago with 1 c water w/ 1 c sugar.
Keep stiring until they float or until they become bigger in size.
Pour in 1 tin of coconut  cream.
Add in the sweet potato and taro.  When they are a bit tender, add in the bilo-bilo, bananas and jackfruit.
If you are using the jackfruit in jar, pour 1/2 c of its juice to the ginataan.
Simmer and add the other tin of coconut cream.
Serve hot or chilled.
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