Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rocking the Kitchen with Racquel

Having someone who would really cook the recipes that you have on your foodblog is quite flattering.  Hearing them say that the dishes are "masarap" "yummy" or "delicious" would really make your heart swell. 

Racquel is also a mother, a wife and a teacher like me.  She was my batchmate in high school in a Catholic School in Hagonoy.  She did a very good job in cooking 3 dishes. Hats off to her!  Just looking at the photos would really make someone ravenous.

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.” (Thomas Wolfe)

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  1. Hi Marlene!
    It was a nice experience doing something new esp. with the Turbo Chicken bec most of the time, i was doing it the "traditional way" ...marinate it w/ soy sauce,calamansi,salt & pepper,garlic & pineapple juice., until ur recipe came out, so i tried. One thing more, my kids doesn't like herbs...but then again i tried. ALAS! the herbs & spices blended well, my eldest told me..Mama..it's YUMMY! hahaha forget abt. d herbs, i like d taste! but of course,luto ko yan! Anyway, they too love the veggies and the salmon- i just love d smooth taste.
    It was also easy to cook esp if ur into cooking and just love doing it...I just had a hard time preparing bec i want to try ur 3 dishes +(1 fish soup) all at the same time.
    Job well done...Thanks a lot Marlene for ur delicious recipes!
    It was all YUMMY to my families TUMMY c",) God bless!

  2. hahaha napeke mo pala ang kids mo....soooo good to know that the kids love it...sometimes kids are a bit picky with the food they eat..like sophie, she would only eat sinigang, nilaga, biko and all veggies basta green ang color...up to now we don't really know why she loves greens ...but we're definitely happy with it...she also had her first taste of the fishball and fishball sauce and she loved them...she even ate rice with just the fishball sauce heheh...
    the family is the first tasters and they are really difficult to feed sometimes...so we mothers, would really need to be so creative
    thank u again and god bless...and try the other recipes again


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