Monday, February 27, 2012

Mini - Fishballs (bolabola)

Fishball is one streetfood that you can't miss when you are in the Philippines.  Everywhere you go, you would always find a pushcart of fishballs.   I love them! 

I guess that's the first thing I bought before we took the Jeepney at Malolos Crossing.  I can't believe that after 2 years the same manong is still the one selling fishballs and samalamig in that place.  He also sells kikiam and chickenballs but still fishballs are the best....and the best seller too.  I would always buy Php10 and he would put them in a plastic cup.  It's funny that he didn't bother to ask me what sauce would I want for my fishballs.  His memory is amazing!  He remembers how I used to want them.  My husband, who never had one before in his life, gladly joined me in eating the fishballs and drinking the gulaman samalamig.  He loved them!  Hmmm wait til I take you hun to UP tusok tusok isawan at fishbolan haha!

I tried to find the recipe for the street fishballs on the internet and I did.  The problem with it is that it's a recipe for commercial purposes.  It has lots of preservatives which I don't think we would all like (e.g. phospate).  Since I am cooking for a big boy and 2 little girls, I'd rather use the healthy ingredients.  I remember my sister making fishballs for us when we were all still single and when we were still living in our old house in Sagrada.  They were so yummy.  I am not sure what kind of fish did she use but it's the one that's similar to bangus (milkfish) but with lots of bones though.  I would watch my sister painstakingly removing the bones one by one.  Goodness, I would definitely go crazy If I were the one doing that!  Well anyway, here is the recipe that I concocted that I hope is similar to the one that she made years ago. 

1/4 K Fish Fillet
1/2 bunch kinchay (parsley),minced
2 stalks spring onions,minced
1/3 c milk (fresh or evaporated)
6 tbsp plain flour
salt to taste
pepper to taste (optional)

Flake the fish fillet or mince it.
Mix the fish with the dry ingredients in a bowl. 
Pour in the milk.  Mix well.
Cover the bowl with cling wrap and refrigerate until it resembles a dough.
Make small balls (half a tbsp)
Heat a pan with enough oil to deep fry the fishballs.
Fry the fishballs and cook to your liking.

Note:  If kinchay is not available you can use the dried flake ones in small McCormick jar (which I used).  For the DIP , click the dip label.

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