Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tokwa't Baboy

In the many karinderia or eatery in Hagonoy Town center, my favorite is the one located in the middle of the tricycle parking area (San Jose or Sto Rosario tricycles?).  My mother and I would always eat there after we attended the mass at the Santa Ana National Shrine.  We would always order goto and tokwa't baboy which are both fairly priced quite cheap but quite tasty.  Sometimes we would wait for a space to sit (narrow benches dearie) but it didn't matter to hungry tummies.  I have always enjoyed doing this and it doesn't matter if I wear formal clothes in the middle of the crowd and pollution hahah.

I've learned this recipe from my aunt.  Originally this is a recipe you use when you want lechong kawali liempo.  I just that thought that the ordinary tokwa't baboy would taste better if i use this recipe and it did!  Usually when you make tokwa't baboy you would use pig's ears and tofu or tokwa both cubed.  My father used to do yummy tokwa't baboy when he was still around.  He would meticulously clean the pig's ears making sure that they are ready.  In this recipe though, I am using pork chops which is more palatable probably to the eyes of my hubby hehehe.  I am also using an organic tofu.

4 pork chops
1 tofu
2 pcs bay leaf
1 tbsp pepper corn
1 tsp salt
1 tsbp garlic

Boil water just enough to cover the chops.  Add in the bay leaf, pepper corn, salt and garlic. 
Remove the chops when a bit cooked and the ingredients are absorbed by the meat.
Heat a non stick pan with oil.
Fry the tofu until the outside is golden brown. Remove and cool first before cutting into cubes.
Fry the chops.  I want mine a bit crunchy outside and tender inside.
Slice the chops into cubes or strips.
Serve with your sauce.
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