Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Egg & Onion Omelet

One quick and easy egg dish is eggs and onions omelet.  If you're on the go and will be late for work or school, this one is the dish that you can do without any fuss.

When we were still kids, my father would always make this dish for us but of course without the ginisa mix and chicken cubes.  The best thing about it aside from the nice taste, it stretches the eggs' size because of the onions.  One of the cheapest no fuss dish to the max.  I think all Filipinos would know how to cook this one.

I introduced this dish to my husband on our first few weeks together in Australia.  He didn't know that you can cook eggs this way.  He even asked me what do you call this omelet dish.  Well, I just told him, eggs with onions, short, simple and sweet haha!  He digged in and loved it!  From then on, he would always ask " Can we have eggs and onions please?"

3 eggs
2 medium onions, minced
ginisa mix
1/4 chicken cube
salt to taste
Beat eggs.  Add the rest of ingredients. Mix well.
Fry on medium heat. 
Serve with ketchup or vinegar and fish sauce dip.

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