Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

I  can not remember how many times have I gone to "The Chocolate Kiss Cafe" in UP Diliman when I was still working in Quezon City. Just the thought of going to this lovely cafe cum restaurant would always make me smile.  I can still imagine how lucious Classic Chocolate Cake they offer...the richness of the taste of the Chicken Quesadillas...
the creamy carbonara...the exquisite Hichory Smoked Spareribs
I could go on and on and on...One thing I can tell you, every dining experience I've had with this cafe is quite wonderful.  The price range is a bit dear but it's all worth it.  There are two venues in Bahay ng Alumni -- ground floor and the 2nd floor.  The one that would still be open at night time would be the cafe at the 2nd floor.  They have more food choices but if you need some peace and quiet, I would suggest that you have an early dinner at the ground floor.  The 2nd floor would usually be full with diners.  I don't know if they have bigger space now but the last time I went there, it's a little overcrowded.  I guess that's the only minus factor that I could say about this cafe.  Make sure that you book before going there.

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