Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How well do you know your steak? Part 1

Uncooked meat like in carpaccio dish

Very Rare
The type of steak known as Pittsburgh Rare, bloody rare/hell.  It is just seared outside but quite rare inside and barely warm.

A rare steak is red inside. Its center is warm, but not much more.  The outside is grey brown but the middle is pure red and just about slightly warm.  Press on your forearm near the elbow to simulate the springyness of a rare steak.(52 °C or 126 °F core temperature)

Medium rare
A medium rare steak is red in the center but completely heated. The outer rim is pink instead of red. The color of the middle is reddish pink.  This is usually the standard cooking of steaks in most steakhouses.  Press on your forearm a little farther from the elbow to feel the resistance of a medium rare steak.(55 °C or 131 °F core temperature)

The meat is grey- brown outside.  The middle of the steak is hot and fully pink surrounding the center. Press on the middle of your forearm to simulate the resistance of a steak cooked to medium.  (63 °C or 145 °F core temperature)

Medium well
The meat is lightly pink surrounding the center but not quite dried out . It has the slightest trace of red in the center. The resistance most of the way down your arm resembles the resistance of a medium well steak.(68 °C or 154 °F core temperature)

Well done
It has no red and some would like little or no pink inside. It is also slightly charred. It is called German style in some parts of England.  It has very little springyness to it. (73 °C or163 °F and above core temperature)

Overcooked (much more than 90 °C or 194 °F  core temperature) The meat is blackened throughout and slightly crispy.

source:  US recommended steak temperatures; rayadair.net



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