Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dads and Kamayan/Saisaki

One the most memorable restaurants that my husband and I went to is Dad's Kamayan Saisaki, located along West. Ave. Quezon City (Philippines).  Right after we had our civil marriage ceremony at Quezon City Hall, we had the ultimate buffet at Dad's  together with my family.  We had booked the seats 4 days before the event but we forgot to tell the staff that we wanted a private room. The staff was very helpful when we got there. (click on the title to read more)
They found a way to get us a private room where we can have our lunch.  I can not remember how much we paid but I think it was Php400/pax.  The ultimate buffet is really their "come on" to customers plus the very entertaining band who would serenade each table.    There are variety of food to choose from.  Just make sure though that you only get what you can eat without left-overs. I am still amazed at how some people would get gigantic amount of food and finishing them so quickly.

I am still trying to find our pictures on my old drive though.  I will post the pics as soon as I am able too.



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