Monday, February 20, 2012

Apulid (Waterchestnuts)

When we were still kids, my cousins and I would usually sit in this big long table that they had next door while eating apulid....trying our best to remove the the fruit's skins...competing on who would do it quick without losing too much of the fruit.

The skin is thin like paper so we would really remove them carefully.   They were sold then not by a kilo but by the size of the tin.  I am not really sure if you can still buy them at the market.  Maybe the new batch of kids now don't even know that they exist.  It's a good thing to know though that we can still buy them on tins or jars....but still nothing can beat the fresh ones.

Apulid's taste is similar to chestnuts that we particulary buy during Christmas season. They are slightly sweet and a bit crunchy.  Their texture is quite good.  They never change  even if you cook them. I have proven  this true when I mixed them with my siomai meat mixture.   It is also interesting to know that apulid can sweetened your breath. 

Burma: ye thit eir thee
China: ma tai, po-chi
India: pani phul
Indonesia: tike
Japan: kuwai, kurogu-wai
Philippines: apulid
Thailand: haeo-song krathiem, haeo cheen
Vietnam: go nung
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  1. Been looking for fresh apulid (water chestnut) here in metro manila philippines. Pls help me.


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