Saturday, March 17, 2012

Matt Golinski

Matt Golinski had been a regular at the Australian cooking show, Ready Steady Cook which I never failed to watch.  He is known for his great cooking skill and good humour.  He was born in Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  He became an apprentice in Brisbane and has worked in some of the top resto.  He is also known for his catering business --The Rolling Dolmade.
His life has proven how things can change in a second.  With his beautiful family, booming business, and great celebrity chef career, what more could he ask for? Everything changed in that one very tragic housefire last December 6,2011 where he lost everything including his wife, Rachael, and his three children - Sage, Willow and Starlia.  He suffered severe burns and was put in induced comma at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. 

He is able to talk a bit and walk now...but how would a father forget the tragedy that took away his loved ones?  That scar is I guess more severe than the burn scars that he has.  Please pray for him.

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Credits:  Ready Stead Cook, The Courier
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